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new pill to replace coumadin?

Has anyone on here heard of a new pill that's coming out meant to take the place of coumadin? You supposedly don't have to have INR tested with it as it doesn't work like coumadin. This is the second time my doctor has mentioned it and I've already told him I'm not too anxious to try it. The first time he told me about it, he also said it's already been released once but they had to pull it back off the market because of problems. Don't know what problems those were, but I told him that once it's released, it would have to be out on the market for a few years with no reported problems before I would even consider going off coumadin. I keep seeing myself as a guinea pig and I'm not willing to take the chance of a stroke. Has anyone else heard about this 'new' pill or have any information to share? My doctor is an oncologist/hemotologist so he knows his 'stuff', and I agree that anything new for cancer should be embraced and tried without hesitation, but a blood disorder is different, and like my daughter says, 'If you've been using coumadin for this long (21 years) and have been perfectly fine with no problems, why would you want to switch to something else?' My thoughts exactly, but I haven't been able to find anyone else who has heard of this 'new' pill, and even though I'm open to discussion about something else that may be safer to take, it scares me. I've talked to other family members but quite honestly, they can't really understand where I'm coming from because they don't have the clotting disorder I do, so they can't feel what I'm feeling. It's easy to sit over there and say 'Well, just try it and see' when they're not the ones taking the risk. Everyone on here with a blood disorder knows what I'm talking about, so any thoughts at all on this would be greatly appreciated.

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