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Relationships with someone with Schizophrenia

I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half. At the beginning of the relationship he didn't tell me he had Schizophrenia, but instead told me he was taking medication to stop a phycosis. As time went on he confided in me and told me that he does actually have Schizophrenia, and his symptons are that he can get angry very easily.

My boyfriend along with taking his medication of zypreca? also takes weed on a daily basis, has done many many E's, cocaine, speed and most recently ice. I don't take drugs and have stayed with him hoping that he will give them up for his own sake and mine.

Three weeks ago, one of his best friends died in a car accident and the distress it caused him made him flip out last week. His actions towards his family and myself were quite agressive with him throwing a table over and breaking a chair. He rang his doctor and must have abused him, his doctor realising there was something wrong with him had the police (squadram) drop by to check on him. Once they arrived he asked them to take him to the mental unit of the local hospital. He stayed in there for four days and is now in a rehab centre for the next four weeks.

I suppose what I wanted to know, from people with Schizophrenia and people viewing this who may be a partner to someone with this condition. Can people with Schizophrenia have long lasting happy relationships with marriage and children?

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