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Re: How long to treat sprained ankle.

It's not swollen all that bad. It's only slightly larger than my uninjured ankle but it is still noticably bigger by a small margin. It only hurts when I move it around (Especially when I move it with a lot of force behind it.) and when I walk on it without an ace bandage on it for support.

You say I should keep it elevated during the day. Does that mean I should stop keeping it propped up on some pillows at night? And how much should I try to stay off of it. I don't have crutches and I have stuff that I have to do that I can't put off for a sprained ankle like school that requires me to walk around. Should I be on crutches? It doesn't hurt to walk on it if I have it wrapped except towards the end of the day if I've been walking on it a lot. I think I have been somewhat overdoing it this early since the sprain but I'm pretty active and it's hard to just stay in bed with my foot on some pillows. Should I be doing that more though?