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Another Question!

Hi everyone!
I have tested positive a couple of times for lupus and have pain in nearly all my joints (different to the pain of my osteo).I have had trouble concentrating for a while.I am also anaemic a lot of the time,last count was 3.I work on a computer and I deal with the public and have to retain a lot of info.Most of this info that I advise is the same and has not changed over the last few years.However,I am having trouble remembering it on a daily basis.I can be speaking to someone and in the middle of the conversation I lose the thread.I find myself having to read and reread the info in front of me and it still isn't sinking in.I am feeling stressed at the moment,my arthritis is playing up and I am in a lot of pain.I am even taking my work home to read up on,but I still can't seem to retain the info that a customer is giving me and am constantly checking with notes etc.This isn't the me of old.I used to be able to retain all I needed with no problem.I would put it down to old age but I am only 35!My work is suffering,I feel like crying a lot of the time,because I just can't seem to make my brain do what I need it to do!It is so frustrating,my brain just feels like there is a permanent haze there and never mind how hard I try in a conversation,work etc I just can't get through it.Does anyone else feel like this?Is it part of the lupus and if it is what have people done to help it?It isn't any meds because I stopped taking them about 5 years ago.They didn't help and I couldn't see the point of being drugged up all the time.Should I mention this 'brain' thing at my next appt with my rheumie?I don't want to seem like I am looking for problems but this is really getting me down.I feel so stupid at the moment.To the point of resigning my job,which I really don't want to do.Sorry this has been such a long post.
Thanks in advance for any advice,
Eden x

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