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Thank you so much for your response! I am so new to all of this info but its nice to talk to people who have some experience. It's all so confusing to me. The spot on my arm appeared over a year ago (about the size of a quarter) and was aggrevated by the sun (making it extremely itchy) so I did my best to cover the spot but consider myself somewhat of a "beach bum" I do however now wear 60 sunscreen on my face and avoid the sun (which is extremely hard for me) It wasn't until this past september that the spot started to get scaly and extremely dry. The second spot appeared in December so I finally went to the derm. When the results of the biopsy came back I was shocked and didn't know much about lupus. The derm sent me to a rheumy who did more bloodwork and seems to feel that I do not meet the criteria for a dx. I guess I'm just confused as to the many different types of lupus and what type I have but I guess that's more of a question for the dr huh?
Thanks for the info re: the plaquenil I didn't know that it was the least of the 3 classes of lupus drugs. I guess my reservation about taking it is that I am not experiencing any other symptoms (no fatigue, joint pain, fevers, hair-loss, etc.) so I'm not really sure what the derm. hopes for me to get out of taking it. Not to sound naive (keep in mind I am new to this) but is it possible to stop or slow down the progression of lupus? What exactly constitutes a flare-up?

Thanks again for your reply!