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Re: Another Question!

Hi, Eden. My understanding, from my rheumie & from reading, that just the anemia *alone* is sufficient to cause brain fog, fatigue, etc. (And that's not including how joint pain, headaches, & various other lupus-type problems can add to the awful mix.)

I've improved a lot on Plaquenil (5+ years now) and sun avoidance and OTC pain relievers, but still have my moments. It took some months for my anemia to clear. It was the B-12 kind, probably due to the chronic inflammation so often seen in lupus.

At the pt. I took myself to a new & better rheumie, I was getting neuro-like tingling, like little critters dancing up & down my arms & legs; and I was literally sitting down abruptly to keep from falling down. I was quite a mess, feeling stupid & weak, similar to how you describe feeling.

So.... Which meds, if any, are you on now? Not to be confrontational, but do your dr. and you think what you are experiencing can be dealt with WITHOUT meds? Or are you & he in a prolonged "wait & see" mode?

I know how reluctant my suburban drs. were to give me anything until they were "sure". But, honestly, Eden, they SHOULD HAVE BEEN SURE many years earlier. It took my switching to a teaching hospital rheumie, who in the first 3 minutes of my first visit had me sized up. He re-did all my tests & also sent me to a grade-A dermatopathologist to have my old skin biopsies re-evaluated & a new one done. So I had everything back in less than a month, with ACTION taken. Compare that to the 8+ YEARS my suburban drs. took to come up with... precisely NOTHING. What a waste of years, huh?

We are all different, but so are doctors! I hope something crops up soon that you can all sink your collective teeth sunk into, terrier-like, and not let go one bit until you feel better. Sincerely, Vee (obviously a terrier lover )