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Re: Undiagnosed Symptoms- Anyone have this?

Originally Posted by charcey
I'm a thirty yr. old mom of three. I am a bit overweight, have allergies, and I have a history of phentermine use for weight loss. Normally, I am a pretty healthy person. I have been having problems for about a year now. I'll try to make a long story short. Last year, I began having RUQ pain. Went to doc who did a CT scan and a chest XR. Found a mildly enlarged spleen in CT. Tested me for several different things (cancer, mono, anemia, autoimmune disorders, etc.). Found nothing. In January, I began having LUQ pain under my ribs along with the RUQ pain. I , also, began having episodes of breathing difficulty (not able to take in a deep breath without yawning...almost as if there was a block there). I developed fine tremors which would present only with activity (not at rest). I saw an internist who tested me for liver problems. Found nothing. He decided to speak with one of the radiologists to reread the CT. The radiologist he spoke with decided the CT wasn't significant and my spleen wasn't enlarged. That would be great...except for the fact I was still having pain on that side (and the other). I asked him for a HIDA Scan to test my gallbladder. The test showed a sluggish gallbladder. From that point on...I was told by every physician I saw my problems were from my gallbladder and anxiety. In the meantime, I had a CT recheck. This time I spoke with the radiologist myself regarding the results. He stated my spleen was slightly enlarged. UGGG!!! Unfortunately, I hadn't had my GB out before this recheck! I had my GB out in July 05. I'm still having the same problems. Pain is mostly in the LUQ now which radiates to my upper back a lot...although, there is occasional RUQ pain. The breathing difficulty has gotten a bit worse. The episodes are more frequent (sometimes all day) my chest is tight and my lungs seem to be sore at the end of the day now (like I have been swimming all day or something). I am also having to clear my throat frequently now...but there is no blockage in my lungs. Docs don't seem to believe my LUQ pain could be my spleen. I have even had a second opinion. Although, I haven't seen a specialist since having my GB removed. So, I just had a chest XR, a pulmonary function test with arterial blood gases, and a stress echo. All were normal! Yesterday I went in for an abdominal ultrasound to reexamine spleen size. We'll see. I'm scheduled to see a pulmonologist in three weeks. It is so frustrating because you see specialists for every different symptom. It seems like none of them see the big picture. Frankly, I'm getting tired of being treated like I'm a hypochondriac because no one can find anything! Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms?