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Tonsillectomy Post-Op day 17...and residual tonsils?

Hello all,
Well, feeling much better these days!
Still have some pain, but very manageable.
There is some scabbing deep in the tonsil beds.

Here's my main concern:
I went to the ENT for my post-op follow-up today. I've been looking in the mirror these past couple days, and noticing that the sides don't look smooth like my daughters do (both daughters had theirs out). Looks bumpy where the tonsils were. I figured it was because it is still healing.
I did not mention it to him- I wanted to see what he said first.
The ENT looked in my throat, and said "Oh! It looks like you have some residual tonsils in there!"
He said that my tonsils were big, and deep, so he was careful not to cut too deep so that I wouldn't bleed heavily.
But the result is that there are still jagged bits of tonsils left!
He said it's more like a tonsillotomy than a tonsillectomy, which was not his intention. Then he said he feels bad!
He said there should not be a problem, but if I do have any problems, he may have to re-do it.
You've got to be kidding me!
I cannot even imagine having to do this again!
Do you think i need to see a different ENT and see what their take is on it?

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