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Re: Another Question!

Hi vee,
My rheumie has been prescribing me diclofenac for my oa but I haven't been taking it.Had a very bad experience before with meds and haven't quite got past that fear yet.I spoke to my gp about not taking it and he was fine.At this very moment and for the last few days I have a really painful ache where my leg curves to join the top of my foot(bottom of shin onto top of foot)I have racked my brain but can't think of a more technical term to describe it!!It is a constant ache,a dull gnawing feeling.Does this sound like oa or lupus?My hip has ached so badly it feels like it's trying to seperate itsellf from it's joint.I don't really want to go and ask my rheumie all this,I feel as though I am looking for problems!I have always just gone with the flow of what my rheumie has said,I find it very difficult to sit there and describe how the pain feels!Feeling tired all the time again and have more blood test tomorrow.Enough about me.How are you feeling?Do you have any support for yourself?Are you managing ok after recent events?Hope you are well in yourself.Take care,bye for now,Eden x