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Re: sick from aspartime?

Just want to share my thoughts on Aspartame. I've read through many articles and I think for definite that it is bad and has caused numerous health issues for me - headaches, vertigo, numbness, blurred vision, shaking, heart palpitations etc. All, I am convinced, caused by years of drinking diet soft drinks, and to a lesser extent, foods containing aspartame.

I've been checked out by my doctor many times for the above symptoms, but never a cause has been found. Yesterday I drank a 500ml bottle of Fanta, containing aspartame, and within an hour had a bad headache (heavy headed feeling) and generally felt awful (sick, disoriented, dizzy). Since then I've read loads on aspartame and have decided I'm going to cut it right out of my diet for good - ALL of the above symptoms have been listed as possible effects of aspartame consumption, and I only used to drink one can of diet coke per day, so my consumption hasn't been excessive at all.

Be aware that the so called 'research' seems to differ in opinion considerably depending on whether it was backed by the producers of Aspartame or not. is one such website that only sings the praise of Aspartame and how safe it is. Dig deeper and you'll find a very different story.