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confused about test results.....

Hi name is Amy and I'm new here. I'm 26 and currently pregnant. I have a family history of CF so my OB suggested carrier testing. Turns out that I am a carrier but he also said that the blood test indicated that I have 2 mutated genes and went on to ask me about my childhood...if I had any symptoms, etc. I told him that I had bronchitis repeatedly as a child and had pneumonia a couple times and I still have bowel problems. I have been sent to another doctor for further testing but I don't see him for another week. I am truly concerned and not totally sure what my blood test results are indicating at this point. Do 2 mutated CF genes mean that a person definitely has it? I'm hoping that someone can give me some insight on this because I'm stumped and going nuts. baby's father is not a carrier by the way(thank goodness!)....we had him tested. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone may have.

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