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Interstitial Cystitis or Prostatitis

I am having the very frequent urination problems they talk about with IC, but I do not have a lot of pain. I have been having this problem for about 5 years, but it really flared up about 5 weeks ago. I was getting up every 15 minutes at night and had to go, and for a while about every 30 minutes during the day.
I have changed my diet to a very bland diet and drink only water. I have been able to get about 5 hrs sleep at night now gettin up about once, and my urgency is about every hr to 2 hrs during the day now, but I have the urge most all the time during the day. I was put on muscle relaxers this weekend and this seems to help quite a bit with the urge. I have also been on several antibiotics with no help at all.
I have been in for a cystoscopy and so far everything looked good, but Monday I go back in to have a bladder distension under general anethesia. I do know I have some low back pain, and some rectal pain, and some abdomin pain, but not excruciatin as most everyone I read about has. I did however have a lot of pain from the cystoscopy. I wanted to jump off the table. I am not sure if I have IC, or possibly Acute non inflamatory Prostatitis.

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