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Post well, it's official!

my derm. looked me right in the eye today and said that i will never look like i have normal skin again. i just burst out into tears. i have too much damage to correct and he can't control my acne with any medication. i am on dynacin, azelex right now along with spiro and that is not doing anything. i have been on tazorac, etc. and nothing is working after the accutane disaster and now tomorrow i have to get a facial and start microdermabrasion and he doesn't know if that is going to do jack crap (sorry for the language) and then if that doesn't do anything over the next 5 months (full treatment) then its on to a medical center where they have "experimental" procedures i guess (that is what he called them). and i will always know that i have had major problems with acne no matter what they do. my scarring is extensive and the hyperpigmentation hasn't faded in 6 months and i continue to get more along with new cysts and pimples, etc. i thought the spiro was going to help at 200mg a day, but my oil is worse than ever, it has been 3 weeks on it and no difference. i have been on the azelex for 3 as well and no difference there either, i just breakout and get inflamed friends everyday and cysts all over that hurt like you know what. my skin is so blotchy and that looks real cute on top of all the hyperpigmentation! sorry i am venting, but my stress level is so high i just want to scream and cry all the time. at least here i can voice it (sorry if i annoy any of you with this). thanks for listening!

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