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hi sweet,
thaks for the reply. i was on the birth control pill first, you know, then my endo. put me on the estrogen/prometium regime to give me a higher dose of the estrogen because my body wasn't getting enough from the pill, and the prometrium is supposed to help regulate my cycle when i take it (starting july 1) so i am just confused. i have been checked every which way for PCOS (i mean EACH and EVERY way) and i am fine they say, no cysts, no lumps, just peachy. i don't think the azelex is bothering me because i think my skin likes it, that is until i get super oily about 5 minutes after i wash (lol). and i asked my derm. today about my cleanser and lotion again and i even brought them in and made him go over the ingredients and he said the neostrata was good. i don't know about the antibiotic, that confuses me. i don't know if it helps or if it hurts. the funny thing is that last year, when i wasn't on any antibiotic, my face grew increasingly oily (when all this started), but my face cleared beautifully just on BP and tazorac for 1 minute a night. i had never seen such pretty skin on me, but soooo oily. i don't know if it helps or hurts. i would love to try diet (in fact, i read an article about diet and acne at my derm.'s office today in the waiting room). it was in cosmo or elle or some magazine like that. but it said western diet was bad for acne (i know you know). anyway, i would love to try diet, and it is funny because i have never associated food with my acne or oily skin, because when it was perfect i ate everything i do now. i drank coffee (i gave that up 1 month hard to do and the headaches, OW) i gave up my nightly 20oz of fozen yogurt (yes i eat too much everynight) about 2 months ago, i still eat my normal breakfast of a zen muffin (no sugar) or a bagel and light CC and jelly or a waffle with fruit or cereal and fruit, lunch is a turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard sandwich on sourdough or whole grain and snack is usually an apple and dinner is protein (chxn, fish, meat, pork, etc) a starch (potato, rice, noodle) and veggies (green usually) and then yogurt (which i no longer hard to give up my habit of 4 years). anyway, i used to be an athlete and carbs. were my best friend. now i guess they are my enemy. i have a hard time giving them up but i guess i should try. do you have any meal plan suggestions for me (ie. what is good for breakfast, lunch, etc). is fruit ok. i don't know about what is good and bad for diet. thanks so much. i hope my life gets better, because i haven't had a non crying day in 6 months going on 7. i just hate life!