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Re: PT after one level fusion - two month postop - Questions?

You touched on something I've wondered about. I'm in my early 40s and several docs commented on how 'young' I was to be having this type of surgery. And it seemed that much of the ACDF information I found on the internet referenced 'elderly' patients as though that were the norm. But in reading posts here, I found that most people seemed to be right around my age, not much more than mabye +/- 10 years difference.

Just out of curiousity, how many ended up with surgery because of an accident or injury and how many had it just due to, um, natural causes? And how old were you at the time of surgery?

Funny, too, the references to computer use. Most of my work history has involved being at a computer most of the day, and I spent a good amount of time piddling around on it at home, as well. My posture is awful, classic slumped shoulders and head forward position. I would sometimes use a posture brace, the kind that pulled my shoulders back, but I'd still end up sticking my head forward. Trying to be more aware of it now, but old habits are awfully hard to break.

Perhaps connection between computer usage and the neck problems is one of those unanticipated medical issues that only shows up over time. I hear lots of stuff about hand and wrist and eye problems, maybe shoulder and back fatigue, but really nothing about the neck.