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sweet jade,
ok, here is all the information of what i am using, have used, etc.

right now i am on sprio 200mg, delestrogen shots (1cc every 1-2 weeks), prometrium 100mg days 1-10 of the calander month, dynacin 100mg 2x a day, azelex, neostrata oil free lotion spf15, neostrata facial cleanser.

i stopped my multivitamin (flinstones chewables with extra c) when i started the accutane because it had vitamin A in it and i didn't want to take too much. i haven't taken these vitamins since, and i used to chew 2 a day because i figured i am bigger than a kid and 2 would be ok. i never had a problem with them

i use no makeup right now at all and won't again until school starts in august. i go bare everywhere (even though it is very embarrasing and even makeup doesn't cover a thing up) i used to use almay skin stays clean and maybelline shine free loose powder, which neither gave me problems, i checked labels and ingredients for pore cloggers, etc. i also occasionally used clinique stay matte oil free powder, which was ok too, just not really my color. i have tried mac studio fix a long long time ago, but found it gave me acne so i stopped. i asked my derm. about it today and he said it was a fine product, you just need to thouroughly remove it??? i also blot right now with clinique blotting papers, and everyone has said that those aren't the problem.

as for what i have used topically in the past, oh gosh, you name it, tazorac, BP, triaz, klaron, cleocin t, clindagel, retina micro, differen... the best was tazorac gel for 1 minute at night then wash off, then apply triaz 3% and leave on all night, then wash in the morning and apply neostrata daytime protection cream. this regimine was the best and made me look perfect. i also used neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser at the time as it took my makeup off quite well and it didn't dry me out (the only problem was except oily skin which started when i started this...connection i don't know...but i wasn't on any pill at that time at all)

when my weight was low years ago, i was on HRT. estradiol and prometrium. days 1-25 i took estradiol 1mg tablet, and on days 13-25 i took 200mg of prometrium. i think i might have gotten a few pimples when i started, nothing major and it went away in a week or so. i never had oily skin on these, yet i never had oily skin then at all, just normal skin and i never moisturized. that is when i was using klaron and cleocin t. so i never had problems with acne here, just minor stuff.

i stopped this HRT about 2 years ago to see if my body would kick in by itself, it never did and i never broke out from stopping (or at least that i was aware of).

i started the hrt again to be regular and 1 month later i started accutane. the first month on hrt was no problem, the second month while on accutane too,40mg, was fine with no problem. then the second month of accutane she increased my dose to 80mg and that is when sh** hit the fan and all hell broke loose on my face. i took accutane from november to the beginning of february and right when i stopped i stopped the HRT again to give my body a break from everything. my face improved quite a bit when i stopped, my derm. was shocked how the inflamation went down. then a little later on my acne came back, not as severe, but in full force. it was time to do something so i started topicals again and they weren't helping and my oil increased beyoned belief. so in may i started the BCP again because i was getting hot flashes in my face too whenever i sat down. they are better now, but i occasionally get one (i think when the shot runs low). the bcp did nothing the first month but give me a period, yet my oil didn't slow and neither did the acne. so the endo. came in the picture. she ran all the tests and decided that i needed more estrogen and spiro to help instead of the bcp. i am regulating my hormones through the shot and prometrium and she said that would take the place of the pill because the estrogen shot would have an antiandrogen effect and the spiro would help too.

that is where i am today. not exciting, but a pain in the you know what. i haven't changed my diet throughout this, except for what i mentioned earlier about the coffee and the yogurt (i thought that would help, but i notice no difference) and suprisingly i have gained 20lbs. probably from the lack of excercise and stress, but who knows. i used to walk everywhere, now i just walk to the kitchen (lol).

thanks so much for your help, you are a genuine sweety just like your name implies and i am so glad you are here!!!! let me know if i skipped something