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Your messages stirred up a lot of emotions in me as well. I have been fighting this battle with acne for as long as I can remember and it's really wearing me out (I'm now 25 and don't need this in my life at this point). I have persistant cystic acne and nothing I do seems to stop the breakouts. I've been on accutane, minocin, BP, differin, tazorac (currently)etc etc etc. I don't know what else to do. I went to another derm a couple of weeks ago and he was like "It looks like you've had some severe acne in the past" because of the bad scarring. That just made me feel even better about myself. I see all these people with clear skin and wonder why I had to be the one to suffer with this disease. This might sound really vain, but I actually am a decent looking guy but can't seem to get over the negative thoughts about my acne. I always consider myself an "outsider" but do my best to mask this at work, with friends etc etc. It's hard enough going out into the world, but to wake up every morning worrying about your acne makes it unbearable at times. Sorry for being so depressing, I should stop!! Just so you guys know, you're not alone in this struggle!