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hey sweet.,
well, i am no longer using the neostrata, but thanks for checking (soory you went through that trouble) you may have seen from the previous posts that i went back to my old esthitician (sp?) and i am on dermalogica right now and getting microdermabrasion done. my face is still red from the first one 2 days ago and i am using bha/aha/bp products from dermalogica right now to try to exfoliate even more and help with this hyperpigmentation that hasn't faded in 6 months. i will update, but for now it is just red and everything else is the same, except i am super dry from all this stuff (i can't smile or eat right otherwise i "crack")...
but i asked her about this and she said that's what she wants to see....i guess i just have to live in misery vacation for me (what a bummer)

how is everything with you???