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Cool Re: Caught off guard-

Our story sounds very similar. 22 months ago we were blessed with a little girl named Sadie. We were told she only had a one percent chance of having DS, but as soon as she was born we knew she had it. It was a scary and overwhelming time. Luckily, we found a parent participation Early Intervention program for children under one. We went every Wednesday for 2 hours and then had a one hour disscussion group. Between seeing others who were doing so well and our other girls who were a great example of uncontional love... we survived. Not only have we survived; but, it may be hard to understand right now.. We thrived!! I remember right after Sadie was born an older friend of ours with two adult children with DS called and said we were in for more blessings than we could every imagine. I thought, "how could they say that." I have to say one thing, I was lucky enough to have other children - so I never thought I lost the perfect child(because I knew no child is perfect). But the responsiblitily of having a special needs child. How could I ever do it? All those feelings and thoughts seem so strange to me now. It's almost been two years. Two years full of Dr. appointments, sickness, hopitalizations, scares, wakeful nights--- but also two years of laughs, smiles, joy, happiness, and rejoicing in every milestone, every close call and everytime someone tells me how much they enjoy her! It's ok to cry. It's ok to be scare. It's ok to be angry. It's ok to feel anyway you want to- your feelings are yours and it takes time to sort through them. But don't let this time slip away.. it goes too fast. Take time to enjoy. Take time to fall in love. Congrats! Some day very soon you'll see why I would never have it any other way

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