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Re: I can't believe antivirals aren't working!

I feel for you. The only thing I can suggest is to try one of the two alternative treatments that some of us have had success with. Airborne Health has been a tremendous help for me. I'm not saying it's perfect but I have gone from having daily outbreaks to having an 8 day period of no outbreaks my first time and then 14 days in a row of no outbreaks the second time. Obviously my body was lacking something and the ingredients in it are based on eastern medicine plus electrolytes etc and I have to believe that it has given me exactly what my body was needing to help fight this virus. Keepsgoin and Blonder are using OOO and OLE and seem to both be having tremendous success. So just give either/both of these alternative treatments a try. It can't hurt. I still am taking Famvir but am taking the Airborne with my morning pill. I only take it with my evening pill if I'm feeling run down. Give it a shot . . . each of us have had immediate results with the alternative treatments.

Originally Posted by GettingWellAgain
Arrgh, I just want to share my frustration with everyone. I need to vent, I guess. I'm taking acyclovir for suppressive therapy and it just isn't working. I eat a diet high in lysine and low in arginine, I take L-Lysine, I take 2grams of Vitamin C daily, I use H-Balm AND spray with hydrogen peroxide, I eat a VERY healthy and wholesome diet, I'm not really stressed out, I eat a ton of garlic everyday, and I use Lemon Balm. Since I've had herpes, since February, I think, I've only had about 4-5 OB free days. Today, a HUGE OB is starting, and 1,200mg of acyclovir isn't suppressing it! The white bumps really are looking as if they might blister, and the itching and tingling pain up my leg is unbearable! My mom keeps saying that there is no way that I'm this "unusual" and have this many OB's, but I know because I am the one feeling it. I have tried to offer hope and support for people on this board with herpes because you CAN live a wonderful life and have herpes, but I feel like the only one who isn't getting better on antivirals AND living a smart and healthy lifestyle. I'm so frustrated because I think I've had sex two or three times since since whole herpes thing came about, and my relationship with my boyfriend is suffering horribly. It seems like acyclovir MAY be helping in that I don't get huge blisters that scab over, but I still get OB's CONTINUOUSLY. I tried Valtrex and it made me feel terrible, but maybe I should give that another try? I think the whole problem with me is that my immune system is compromised from having CFS (which is believed to be an immune disorder), but either way, I'm starting to get really depressed about having herpes. :-(