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Re: I can't believe antivirals aren't working!

I just want to second what everyone else is saying about the antivirals. I take 1 gram of Valtrex daily and still have outbreaks. I was diagnosised in February also and was under the wrong impression that the Valtrex would make this seem like it wasn't even there. I spoke with my doctor and she said as I continue to take the suppressive dose it will get better over time. I have seen a small improvement but still have small outbreaks often. I also use the Airborne daily and OOO OLE. I figure I will try it all. I think who ever said it just takes your body time to build up the antivirals and it's own immunities is probably right. It is VERY hard and you aren't alone in feeling the way you feel. Try to take it one day at a time. Also, with the relationship thing if you can try to offer as much affection and physical love to your boyfriend as you can without putting him at risk. I know when I am having an outbreak I don't want to be physically close to anyone but it might make you both feel better if you were able to be close in some ways. Ok just a thought! Hang in there