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Re: Interstitial Cystitis or Prostatitis

I just had a hyperdistension of my bladder under general anesthesia and they did not seem to find any IC, and he said he did a massage of my protate and did not find anyting wrong there either. However my symptoms are just the same as IC except I have many days without any pain at all. I do not ever seem to have the bladder pain people talk about, but I do get some low back pain and rectum pain etc....

The urologist is not sure what to think I have. I would not ever if at all possible go through that test again. I have been having nothing but more troubles ever since monday when they did the test, and no it did not help my symptoms of very frequent urination out like they thought it would.

Also the urge to go to the bathroom after I woke up from the test was unbearable. I was buckled over and begging the nurse to get in touch with the doctor to try and settle my bladder down. They gave me morphine, but that did not do anything for me. The Urologist had them give me some other high potent pain killer and it finally kicked in.

Has anyone here who has or might have IC go day to day without any pain? I have only read articles where people have the frequency and pain.