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thready knots in arms

Hi, i am in a bad flareup mode right now due to a fall i had last week, that ended with me flat on my left side on the floor. Since then ive had this different size knots in the top part of my arms, the area between the shoulder and elbow. Also on my thighs. They feel anywhere from the size of a pea to the size of a nickel or so and anywhere in between. They are extremely painful, and just having the clothes rub against them sends waves of pain thru them. It feels as if someone repeatedly punched the arms hard over and over again. Ive had these knots before as they always seem to be there whether flareup or not and are always painful. Just that THIS time, they are extremely painful, extruciating painful and im not sure if the fall triggered a really bad flareup or if it is something else. Has anyone else had these knots and are they painful to you? They actually feel like cysts, theres so many of them except they feel rather thready.
Oh and if you do have them and theyre painful what do you usually do to relieve the pain for them besides gentle massaging them which is what ive been doing.

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