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Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions

It's been going on for years to be honest. It started of with wrestling but then he got into drama's. He used to always write the lists and stuff down, but the amount of paper he'd use and would he let you throw any of it away LOL heck no. So we bought him a laptop. Do i want to stop it? Not really, i'd like him to do other things, but i see it that he's not harming anyone and i know where he is and what he's up to. Have i tried to stop it? Yes i did a couple of times. I wouldn't say i tried to stop it altogether, i tried to steer him to different things but he had no interest. But he's happy doing it. Whether it's a good thing or not i don't know. I guess if it's something he wants to do when he leaves school that stopping it would be wrong.