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Re: Gastro Bypass and lap band surgery HELP!!!

You should discuss it with your DR.
I Never had the surgery. I'm not big enough.
But it does cost a fortune if your ins won't cover it.
Also be aware it is NOT a quick magic bullet.
From what I've heard people loose an average of 10 lbs a month afterward, if and only if they stick on a dr recommended diet afterwards. The surgery suposedly makes you not so hungry. A smaller stomach feels full sooner so you don't want as much.
A year after successful surgery and successfully obeying the diet and excercise rules can result in a body that lost over a hundred pounds or more.
The surgery is a diet "tool" to jump start weight lose for those who have life threatening weight problems.
It can be a REAL life saver for those people.
However the "made smaller" stomach can and will restretch after you heal if you overeat.
That means it's a forever life stye change in the way of eating.
Of course, with any surgery complications can occur.
It is not to be entered into lightly but rather as a lifetime commitment.
You should discuss it with your DR.