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Cool Re: Worn fillings and braces

Originally Posted by JenniferE
I had to wear braces and orthodontic appliances for quite a few years and I've never had a cavity. Not everyone who wears braces, even for an extended period of time, has decay issues when the braces are removed.

Fillings will naturally wear, especially on the occlusal (biting) surface of your teeth. It's not uncommon for them to feel worn. If you do not have any sensitivity in the teeth and/or there are no rough edges or anything that feels like the filling may have cracked, then the fillings are most likely ok and do not need replaced.
hi , it is normal not to get cavitys because , first the teeth are covered an the glue has a anti cavity agent in it , so this does help , i'm very close to the end of my orthodontic treatment of five years an as long as i've had a full mouth of metal no cavity , i'm looking foward to a metalfree smile , well almost i'll have wire retainers , hope this helps