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Re: sick from aspartime?

Originally Posted by MaxOT26
I am curious, can anyone direct me to actual research on aspartame. To my knowledge all the claims about aspartame are not backed by research. I know many doctors warn people about it, and there is a big scare, I just can't find where they are getting it from. You have to consider the products artifical sweetners are in. Generally, the amounts and the products people consume are far from healthy anyway. Not to mention many people's diets all together are very poor. Many of the health problems doctors and people try to nail aspartame for can be cause by any number of things due to the huge number of toxcins are bodies are subjected to everyday. I think it is very hard to pin it to one particular product, until there has been some very good studies done on it. Until research is conclusive, everyone is just guessing and playing follow the leader.
I'm quoting Max because I think that is very sensible. I wouldn't admit this to anyone else, but I drink a minimum of 12 diet sodas a day. (Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi during the day, and Black Cherry Fresca in the evening). I have used aspartame joyfully since it came out in what, 1983, and am sipping iced tea with it right now. I have psoriasis, which my dad has - it's often genetic - and that is my only chronic physical problem. I don't even usually have cramps. I haven't had a full blown cold in years and haven't been in the hospital since I had my last child 9+ years ago. My bloodwork is super, but I walk 30 minutes a day every day. I'm not saying that it is good for you, but my mother, her two sisters, and maternal grandmother all developed Type II diabetes (my mom was thin most of her life, the rest of the ladies were plus sized). I think you have to pick your poison.

As to Max's quote, I would imagine that you could find good clinical studies in the New England Journal of Medicine, or the like, with peer-reviewed research. For me, the best research that artificial sweeteners are generally harmless is in the cohort group of Type I (juvenile) diabetics who grew up on aspartame, etc... If it was truly as bad as people try to say, you would see a whole generation of young diabetics with mutations, or mutated children, whatever else I've read about on the internet.

People have reactions to all sorts of foods and substances. Nuts, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, etc... I got really excited about Splenda when they came out with the big yellow bag and started adding it to my tea, coffee, mixing it into my low-carb stuff, ... and realized that I was having anxiety attacks from Splenda when I started keeping an anxiety journal. I've been using aspartame for 20+ years, with no break, but Splenda was new to my diet. I stopped the Splenda, they seemed to ease (I also went to the doc, got an anti-anxiety med, and had a run of counseling sessions at the same time - so there is no case study here). Everything was better and my husband convinced me that I was silly and Splenda wasn't causing my anxiety, life was. I drank two 7 Up Plus on Sunday night, and by Monday I was having a panic attack even with the meds. Now, I'm not sure that Splenda caused it for a fact, but I'm really careful not to take in too much of it. But I don't want it banned because I know a lot of people who love it and it really helps them manage their blood sugar and weight. And they may not be quite the sweets freak as I.

Just my two cents.

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