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Re: Soda Water for interstitial cystitis? How do you make it?

Originally Posted by shonks5
I've read here on the threads that soda water helps ease the pain of IC. How do you make it? Is it baking soda, if so what are the measurements of the ingredients?
I suggest just taking calcium tablets or Tums instead of baking soda. baking soda has an unpleasant taste and may give you undesirable GI problems.

Can anything else help? I think that I may have IC. I was having problems a while back, that cleared. UTI treated with meds, another uninalysis with no blood or infection, but lots of pain. It finally seemed to be clearing. Then my doctor told me to start a vitamin regimine with vit C 1000 mg.

I suggest taking a BUFFERRED Vitamin C not just any vitamin C. Regular vitamin C is ascorbic acid and may contribute to bladder flare-ups. GNC may sell buffred C if not there are online outfits where you can order it from.

I had already been taking vitamins, just not the C. Now it seems like my bladder pain is back. I don't have any burning just pain, like cramps, and the urge to urinate. I had another urinalysis done yesterday but don't have the results yet. If not an infection, I guess i will have to go see the urologist. God, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that. I worry that it might be cancer but there has not been any blood in the urinalysis tests, and I have had several. Should I be worried about that? Oh yes, and how do you make the soda water?