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UTI or potty traing issue? For a toddler

My daughter is 2.5 and recently we have been trying to potty train her, a few days ago she had an accident in her panties, just pee... and she did not like it. I told her its ok, that happens when you are learning.
Since that accident she keeps holding her pee, she will jump around and do everything not to go, tonight we put her on her potty and basically told her to sit and potty and did not let her up, she did alot of pee.... before this we put a diaper on she would not go in it at all...

I dont know if she is just scared to go for some reason, or if maybe she has a UTI. Do any of you have exp with this? any advice would be appreciated.

By the way she is my 2nd daughter and my first was not like that, I know they are all different..

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