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Re: UTI or potty traing issue? For a toddler

If she doesn't respond positively, just let it go for now. The best advice I ever got from my ped was when the oldest of our three was 2 1/2. I am a teacher and was bound and determined he was going to get potty trained while I was on Christmas break. He wasn't responding and I actually the doctor in tears. When he called me back that day he said to me, "Just let it go and relax. He won't go to kindergarten in diapers." That really put it all into perspective for me. I just told him that since he wasn't going in the potty mommy and daddy couldn't keep doing all that extra laundry so he was going to have to wear diapers until he told us he was ready to go potty. Six months later, at the age of 37 months, he woke up one morning and just told me he had to go potty. That was it. He was literally trained that day. So, we did it the same way with our second (of course we always talked it up and encouraged it, took them to the bathroom with us sometimes, etc. along the way) and he did the same type of thing, at 38 months. We followed suit with our daughter, and she trained herself at 34 months. It is so easy that way and soooooooooooooo stress free.