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Re: Interstitial Cystitis Question

Originally Posted by suncat
Can one have interstitial cystitis and NOT have urinary frequency? I've been having what I think is bladder pain but no frequency. Gyno ruled out any vag. infection. I guess it could still be possible it's bowel or adhesions (hysterectomy 3 years ago). I did cut out all caffeine and it has made a tremendous difference in frequency and pain. The urologist did the instillation test, first instilling saline which hurt alittle and then the potassium which I felt mild cramping. It doesn't seem to be too definitive a test, but the urologist thinks its probably IC. Anyway, I'm getting a cystoscopy this week just to make sure nothing else is going on.
I have had IC for many years. When I get a flare-up, I donot necessarily experience frequency but almost always there is fa eeling of pressure on my bladder, and pain.