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Re: Gastro Bypass and lap band surgery HELP!!!

I agree with snow....its not a silver bullet. It should be used as a TOOL to aid in your lifestyle change and as nothing more. Yeah, you lose weight pretty rapidly at first, but ti does slow down, and you will have to work to get it off just like any other "diet". Then you gotta work even harder to KEEP it off.
Its a big change. I had it 2 months ago. Im glad I did it but before I did it, I had no idea how truly difficult it would be. I mean, I feel I was educated on it, but emotionally and everything, its hard.
It usually runs right around $12K maybe more, maybe less. You have to weight at least 100lbs over your ideal weight and meet many other requirements as well.

Talk to your family doc and even with a doc that does the surgery in your area. You can also go to bariatric surgery center int'l website and find a support group. Go to one now so you can see how it is for many people and get a better idea of how it is.

Good luck.
Jen in Utah
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