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Re: Anyone have luck w/ accupuncture?

Hi LuLu - A few years back when I was going for weekly massage therapy, my therapist was sharing her office space with a woman who performed accupuncture. At that time I was having severe back pain and was willing to try anything. She was very up-front about her practice and told me that if I didn't feel some relief after 3 sessions, then I shouldn't waste my time and money on the treatments. Unfortunately, I didn't get any relief. I think that mentally I was quite vulnerable to her suggestions and the scenarios she would set up while I was all "needled up", "Think of all your pain draining out of a small hole in your back. It's going deeper and deeper into a space under the table. Your whole body is becoming relaxed, etc., etc." You get the picture. I always felt very relaxed when I was done, but my pain was still there. It turned out that my pain was being caused by a broken vertabrae that hadn't been diagnosed yet. So I wouldn't judge the entire art of accupuncture on my one experience. If needed in the future, I'd be willing to try it again. KathyMac