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Re: Daughter coming off pot

Pot is more of a psychological addiction not much of a physical addiction. I do believe there is something at a health store that can help her and I will look it up and let you know what it is. Alot of people have a very hard time stopping smoking pot even without the physical addiction. it becomes a part of them and its like instead of waking up and smoking a cigarette the pack a bowl and it helps them with their day. I understand what your saying some people just dont look at it that way. I know alot of people who cant stop smoking pot and often wonder why. After reading up on it, it is a drug. I had a roomate once that smoked everyday all day and I knew when he was out of pot. Irritable, anxious, would tear up the house almost like he had ADD and needed it to keep him at an even keel. I will look up what has helped others and will let you know what it is. That might help her. Sorry about this experience. Most people on this board including myself have come off opiates, cocaine, heroin. So they dont see pot as those who are trying to get off it does. It is hard especially when it is something you have used for so long. I'll get back to you. Kim