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Re: Are there not some people who never recover?

Originally Posted by Backinthesaddle
I go out of town for a few days and see all I miss.

I started PT today. She went totally easy on me so I am not in awful pain. I had a few bad days like usual then I have a few good days. Good enough that if it weren't 95 degrees I would have been out riding. I swear that is so confusing to me. I am going to PT 2-3X a week for 12 visits and see what then. She tested my neck flexion at my intro visit and I am really bad to the right. I have poor ( for lack of better words as I am not sure what word she used) nerve response to both biceps and right tricep. She said my forearms were normal. Hmm not sure what that means. And today she said my first rib was out of place so she worked on getting it back.

So wierd that we all feel like drunk sailors when we wake up. I am glad it is not only me. I also feel better after about an hour or so.

American Idol is on...........gatta go....hhhehehehe
Any good day is better than before right???? Hopefully this will be your turning point as well!