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Angry Re: Anyone have luck w/ accupuncture?

No, and it was the worst thing that I've ever tried. I got it done at a hospital by a doctor (supposedly) trained in it, but she was an anaesthesiologist first and foremost. Not only did it not help my back pain, but I left with more problems than I went in with:

*I had bruises and huge red marks the size of quarters at each acupuncture point, lasting 2 weeks. Also, from when the under-qualified "doctor" hit the nerves, I have red "track-mark"-looking lines going up and down my arms and legs, so I look like Iím injecting something into my veins.
*From ones that she put in my hands, my thumbs still get numb and have shooting pains (3 weeks later).
*When she put them in, she kept hitting nerves and I'd get shooting pains so bad that I would reach down and ripped them out of my legs myself.

She also tried to incorporate a "sinus" and "eczema" treatment in there because I have chronic sinusitis and I used to have eczema (when I was younger, but it stopped and I haven't had one for over TEN MONTHS). When I left, I had the worst eczema outbreak that I have had in years (and it still hasn't gone away). I'm practically bathing in hydrocortisone cream. I also have a full-blown sinus infection.

I wouldn't wish acupuncture on my worst enemy.