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Re: Are there not some people who never recover?

Originally Posted by mb100
If we dont share the bad stuff the folks that are hurtin wont be able to relate to us, and I worry that it might run a few of em off that could otherwise benefit from this site.
This is an interesting thought. I believe the absolute reverse is true.

There are about 200K ACDFs performed in the U.S. each year. Most of those people will just move on with life and be completely fine. This board is where the horror stories exist. It is in no way representative of ACDF outcomes in general.

People can and do arrive on these boards (or any health site) and decide that a perfectly harmless "symptom" is now worthy of tremendous worry, testing, treatment, etc. I have read countless rundowns of symptom lists that are in no way related to ACDF or its underlying conditions. Flat out, some people are complainers.

The majority of people over age 50 have MRIs that are not unlike many of us. However, they are not treated because they have no symptoms or do not find their symptoms worthy of complaint. Individuals have different expectations.

I've heard a joke about health sites on the internet, particularly with respect to symptoms. A person can peruse most any of the subject areas on this site and rightfully conclude, "I have those symptoms!"

The punchline to the joke? "Of course I do. It's called life."

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