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Question Throid totally not working

i am hoping for advice for my mother, who has been very ill. We were told that her Thyroid had completely stopped working when she collapsed at xmas. she used to be a very fit woman, who played golf 3 times a week, however,we had noticed that her hearing wasn't very good for a while, she also sometimes had a slightly yellowing of the skin, but to be honest we put that down to her olive complection,my mum is qite a stubbern lady, who always seemed to see not being well as a bit of a failing, so to be honest we all pretty much ***** footed around her,and were all to afraid to tell her that we thought she wasn't right. Any way when she collapsed she could no longer ignore the ilness.(we understand now that she could of gone into a coma and died. I have just been home to see her (she is on theroxine now, but has to be tested every 2 weeks until they get the dosage right) When I saw my mum I was totally devastated (I live away and had not seen her for 5 months) she has lost about 2 stone and was only 9 stone to start with. her voice has been affected, she has had her vocal chords looked at but that test came back ok, she has been referred for voice therapy. we are all just hoping that her voice will come back to how it should be.I did notice that my mum also has developed a tremour in her hands and also her head is nodding, especially as the day goes on. She had been perscribed a medication, which on reading the litariture that came with it, she discovered it was an anti-deppressant and is now refusing to take it. However my sisters and I beleive it was pescribed because her nerve endings have frayed and think that this would if she would only take it help her shaking symptoms.
I am so worried about her, can anyone please give me some advice, we have been told that her condition, because the thyroid has totally stopped working is very rare. But I really need to know if she will make a full recovery. i also noticed when I went to see her that she is getting stomach problems she was sick one morning and then really poorly for the rest of the day,she also has hardly any energy, i can tell my mum is really worried and upset, as I said she was a exceptionally fit woman befor all this happend.any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks.

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