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Re: Male Breast Cancer?

i'm no doctor, and i would say go and get it checked out ...

but if it was me who found them, i wouldn't worry for two reasons:

1) male breast cancer is an extremely rare disease.
2) they appear in both breasts, a very unusual char. of breast cancer. Actually, i have many cyber friends with breast cancer, and i join a very popular breast cancer forum, i have never read that one was diagnosed with breast cancer while having lumps in both breasts. And if it does happen, my UNEDUCATED and NON-MEDICAL guess would be that one of the lumps was cancerous and the other was not, and they appeared together by chance.

HOWEVER, go and check it out. Nothing is better than a reassurance from a doctor. He is the one to help, not me. I advice you to schedule an appt. with your GP to have it checked it out.

And as i told you before, if it was me, i wouldn't bother myself with it.

i hope that it turns out to be nothing.