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Re: sudden weakness in shoulders and arms

Well i made yet another trip to the ER lastnite and they admitted me and i was there for about 21 hours. They did the normal stuff, baby asprin, lopressor, nitro patch, ekg's, blood work, chest xray and once again i was told my heart is just fine. What started it this time was my shoulder and shoulder blades and arms got so weak and heavy i could hardly move them, i got sick to my stomache, sweaty and felt awful. I took an ativan to see if that would calm me down and it didnt. I waited 4 hours and the weakness and heaviness feeling was still there so i went to the ER. The ER doctor said i should just go ahead with the cardiac cath or i will be doing these trips to the ER for the rest of my life till i know for sure if i have heart disease or not, that the nuclear stress test and echo always have a chance at being wrong. They moved me upstairs and i talked to a nurse for a bit she tried to talk to me about my symptoms and why i always think its my heart. One nurse also told me that if the nitro patch gives you a headache that it means it wasnt cardiac related?? Anyone ever hear that?? The doctor came in to see me today and said my heart is fine and he doesnt think i need a cardiac cath. Everyone keeps saying anxiety and stress can cause all the symptoms i have, i believe that but what about if they are wrong?? When do i start believing the doctors and get on with some sort of a normal life??? He also said that if my newest echo isnt showing MVP that most likely i was misdiagnosed with it back 5 years ago cause the testing is better now than it was and they diagonsed alot of people with it back then that really didnt have MVP. He is the 3rd doctor that has told me that if i had it then it would show, so that there confues me even more. All i want is to feel NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH