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Re: Gastro Bypass and lap band surgery HELP!!!

I had the gastric bypass almost 3 years ago in illinois and at that time it costed roughly $14,000. I was in the hospital for 5 days, no major issues or concerns have come out of it. I have lost approx 150 lbs. and am at the stopping point now and I have to be careful as I do not want to gain that weight back. I am able to eat more but I still get sick if I have anything with too much sugar in it. I haven't added sugar back into my system since Dec 21, 2003. Its different to say the least but when my 17 year old son can actually pick me up and hug me, and got on a ride with him at Disney world for the first time ever it was wonderful and worth it all. I feel 100% better in everything I do. I don't get winded walking 20ft like I use to. I need to get more active again which I have not done too much as of yet but I did get a bike for christmas this year and will get out on it as soon as I remember how to ride one.
But you need to make sure that you are doing this for your health and not for the way you are going to look. thats more important in the long run. I am no longer on blood pressure medication. which made me happy. All I am suppose to take now is a vitamin, 1/2 of a b-12 and a couple of tums for the calcium. I still have my days of getting sick from one spoon full too much and for eating something that had sugar in it that I had no idea that did. and I can normally taste it right away so I don't eat another bite of it... but it still makes me sick. oh well.. for Me this has been a godsend and I had a wonderful surgeon......good luck