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Re: Help New to everything

Hi Nan,

We were just told my grandaughter has a new type of autisum its between autisum and aspergers. They dont know much about it yet so I cant even look it up.
It's hard to shoot in the dark & hit the mark.

If you want to help your DGD (dear grandaughter), you need more specific information. The parents have a legal right to printed copies of the reports of whatever testing/assessment was done. A diagnosis will be specified on the report.

Does your DGD have PDD-NOS? In PDD there are social & emotional issues similar to autism, but language development is OK, unlike classical autism.

Does your DGD have sensory issues? It sounds like her hearing may be acutely & painfully sensitive. It's possible that sensory issues may be triggering her problems w/bathing.

There are so many, many different ways to help kids who are "on the autism spectrum." BUT, it's best to have more info about what you are dealing with. Behavioral problems are dealt with much differently from sensory integration disorders and panic disorders. Much of the time, we are working to slowly teach the child, rather than to abruptly correct the behavior (which usually doesn't work anyway).

They will give her meds for Autism.
Sorry, the FDA has not approved any such drugs, as far as I know. There are only drugs for symptoms: for anxiety, for attention problems, for violent/psychotic behavior. The majority of prescriptions written for autistic children are strictly "off-label." Meaning, the drugs were not developed for use in autism, are not recommended for use in autism, and were never tested on autistics. Many of these drugs are "off-label" on a second count, in that they were never developed or tested on children at all, they were designed for adults. Off-label prescribing is a very lucrative venture for psychiatrists.

When you get more specific information, you will be in a good position to invest time in further reading & research.

Best wishes.

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