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Re: Help New to everything

Hello..I wanted to write you and let you know that you are not alone! It can be heartbreaking to get this diagnosis. My 5 yr. old son got the Aspergers Diagnosis this past Nov. We immediatly started Behavioral Therapy. This basically is where we learned the behaviors that are Autistic, & the ones that are just Typical kid and how to deal with them. This also worked on behavior modification. He went from being a wild, bossy, Deifiant, always on the go little boy, to a calmer, content little boy. Now we still have our issues with him being impulsive, somewhat bossy, and aggressive but he has made alot of improvements. We also started Occupational Therapy for Sensory integration issues. This sounds like something that is a issue with your granddaughter. My son would have bad reactions to things like bright blinking lights, (Christmas Trees were a real issue here) loud sounds, textures like jeans, smells, and like your GD hair brushing and washing. He tells me each of these things hurt him. Occupational Therapy for Sensory Integration helps with these. So these are some things you may want to look into. With alot of work things can get better. I am still pretty new to this as well, but if you ever need something answered or just need to vent, I am here, as well as the others.