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Follow up Dr visit

I went for my first follow up dr visit re Fibro. He said my symptoms are atypical. He usually sees patients with fibro show up with pain and fatigue only. Not my list. I printed a list one of you were kind enough to send me and he laughed at it. He said it was easy to make a "laundry list" of symptoms. He said my dry eyes for example would have nothing to do with it. My numb and tingly hands and feet does not go with fibro. The muscle twitches that I get all the time all over my body confuse him. "We need to watch" that!!!
Believe me once I get my thyroid levels controlled by endo I am switching docs again. He did sign a handicapped parking sticker for me. But only gave me until Sept.
Hope you all are doing good today. It is beautiful here in the high desert of Southern Cali. I was lucky enough to go on a field trip with Brandons Kindergarten class today. We went to the mountains and I went on a mile hike. If you can believe it. God was shining down on me. Because Sunday I couldn't even walk. Thank God for good days.
Best wishes to you all today

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