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Re: Help New to everything


I find it interesting that you have MS. We had a discussion last month about MS. There seems to be a high incidence of MS in family members of children with autism. Two of my children have autism, and my mother has MS. I will see if I can find the previous thread to bump up for you to look at.

My daughter is 6 and has PDD-NOS. It sounds like that is what your grandchild has. My daughter also has had many difficulties with bath time. With her, she needs lots of preperation (knowing what is going to happen), and (when it is going to happen). Also, we bought her goggles for the bath tub, so water will not get in her eyes. And we got a special sprayer that detaches from the shower so we could have more control when getting the soap out of her hair. Hopefully some of these suggestions might help. Good luck, and keep us posted.