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Re: I have little red spots on my arms , there everywhere , what is it?

I have a spreading case of "dots" or petechiae/purpura on my body as well. Mine is caused by a problem with leaky capillaries, and is quite benign. However, I noticed them around the time I was getting over the flu, and the combination of sysmptoms had me a bit worried.

Go to the doctor and demand a complete blood count, and while you are at it, get a liver panel as well.

The complete blood count will tell you if your cells are out of whack, and the liver panel will tell you if you are having trouble with your liver. The liver produces a clotting factor which can show itself as petechiae if it is not being produced properly.

Don't worry about the things you don't know, just get them checked. I had a suspicion that I had something really bad, but it turned out to be one of the most benign conditions you can imagine.