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What is Going on Here?

A Very Serious Question about Lyme Disease

I live in New Jersey where there is a high prevelance of lyme disease. I literally know about 15 people who have been diagnosed with it. Both of my sisters dogs have had it as well. And these are just those people/animals who have been properly diagnosed. I am sure there are many others out there who have lyme and have not been diagnosed.

I have seen all kinds of devastation from this debilitating disorder. Some examples:

A guy who I used to work with had to leave his former position because his memory was failing badly (lyme had attacked him neurologically). For example, he mentioned a story where he had gone out one night after work to find his car and couldn't even remember what it looked like. Mind you, this guy is only in his late 40's early 50's.

I know two friends of mine who were diagnosed with lyme and are suffering severe o.c.d. (obsessive compulsive disorder) to the point where they are both on disability. Lyme has been known to cause o.c.d.

My sister couldn't figure out what was wrong with her dog when it would automatically stop walking in the middle o the street and had to lay down. (She thought it was because the dog's paws were cold.) One day, the dog couldn't even get up to walk at all. Mind you, this dog was only 2 years old. She brought him to the vets. You guessed it: lyme disease.

My question is the following: I seriously feel that for me (an average citizen) to have known at least 15 people around me who have lyme disease and who have sufferred horrendously because of it - is far to many. And again, these are people who have been diagnosed. I am sure many more have it and don't know. My opinion is, is that this is an epidemic. Why hasn't there been an outcry to state and federal health agencies and social service agencies to do more about this horrendous disease? And I mean, there should be free testing available at different sites in many hard hit communites, and education available as to all aspects of this disorder, and, last but not least, there should be extensive research done on how to safely exterminate these things from the environment.

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