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Red face Re: What is Going on Here?

To tell you the truth I am not at all surprised! IT IS an epidemic! I went almost two years suffering with my symptoms, which got VERY bad before I told my doc about a bulls eye rash that I felt was misdiagnosed as ringworm, mind you I was running a 102 fever! It is out of control and the majority of doctors have almost NO knowledge of how dehabilitating this disease can be!

If it weren't for my good friend, Laurie, whose son suffered for years, I would have been completely lost and miserable. Lymes is a disease with symptoms all across the board, I was misdiagnosed atleast 5 times with everything from reflux to thyroid disease (I am only 24). I would not wish Lymes on my worst enemy.

Another good question to consider is why-with Lymes in epidemic porportions can we not get a positive reading in blood work if that tiny small window has passed?! Why can't a new test be developed, why should I have to pay $900 out of my pocket to find out what is wrong?!

Sorry, last thing-you know how much it pisses me off that every time I wash my dog I am protecting her against Lymes & she even has a fancy little collar that keeps the ticks away too!!! Where was my shampoo two years ago OR my fancy collar that could have saved me from years of suffering!!!! The likelihood of that deer tick hopping on my vaccinated and protected dog, not getting the good bite it wanted, it turned around and hopped and me to make me endure one of the most difficult times of my life.