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Re: What is Going on Here?

Hi fm5,

Your question is an excellent one and has been discussed several times on this board already.

Yes, Lyme Disease is an epidemic and continues to grow, not only in every single state in the U.S. but also in International Countries. Funny, I had an old friend call me yesterday and he told me that the country of Turkey is realizing that Lyme is also an epidemic there as well as the U.K., not to mention many other countries. It is everywhere and it is not only transmitted by Ticks, but also by mosquito's, fleas, mites, black flies, any bug or vector that has guts.

Lyme is also called the "great imitator" because the symptoms mimic MS, CFS, ALS, Lupus, and many more diseases. It is also a neurological disease as it does affect the brain.

In my opinion, the reason we don't hear alot about Lyme is because of many factors which I call the domino effect:

It all starts with the CDC (Center of Disease Control) that has outdated guidelines in which the majority of doctors follow, thus misdiagnosing most people. If the CDC would change their guidelines, then doctors would have to start learning about Lyme Disease.

Another problem is Insurance Companies as once again, because the CDC's guidelines are so old and so wrong, insurance doesn't pay for "accurate" testing and "proper" treatment by a "reputable" doctor who understands Lyme Disease to it's full extent.

Then we have our politicians who I am constantly in touch with because they have the power to change the CDC's outdated guidelines. Right now there are 2 Lyme Bills sitting in Congress that if passed, would enable more research to be done and help change our current situation.

The sad part is too many Lyme-infected people are too sick to contact their elected officials to demand that they vote yes on these bills.

There has been some awareness taking place recently: the state of California has officially declared the month of May "Lyme Awareness Month" and I hear that advocates are fighting for other states to follow.

As far as testing, that gets a little bit more complicated as most doctors use the ELISA test which is the least reliable test and the most inaccurate.

Sadly, we only have 1 or 2 "reputable" laboratories that do the most accurate testing in the U.S.

All I can say is to keep writing our politicians because that's the only way things are going to change. And we need change and we need it now.

If you have any more questions, please ask.

In my opinion, I compare Lyme Disease to the AIDS Virus as when that first started, people had no clue about the AIDS Virus and it took a long time for AIDS to get recognized. I believe that Lyme will be big news soon as we have many people fighting to make everyone aware of it.

I hope that helps,