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Re: How much Magnesium for CMP/FM ??

There is a controversy about how to take calcium & magnesium. Some authorities say it is best to take them together, that magnesium facilitates calcium uptake. Others say that mag will limit the Ca absorbed, and that they should be taken a few hours apart. ... It is not simple when you are considering both osteoporosis & fibro.

The RDA for Mag is around 300 or 350 mg., and most Americans don't get anywhere near that amt.

I find even 125 mg. Mag is helpful for my fibro pain. One problem I have is that if I get too much more than 200 mg. of Magnesium orally, it relaxes my muscles so much that it contributes to joint instability, which contributes to pain ( I have arthritis in addition to the fibro.) I tend to tolerate Magnesium soaks (Epsom salts) better than oral if my muscles need more mag.

People who are prone to low blood pressure (many w/chronic fatigue syndrome have this) need to increase magnesium slowly, otherwise may be prone to fainting. Some forms of magnesium predispose folks to diarrhea. There are hundreds of supplements available at dept. & health food stores. Don't feel tied to 400 mg. tablets. I can't do those, they hurt my esophagus & gut.

I personally like the fizzy powder products that provide both Magnesium & Calcium. They're well-absorbed, and you can start with just a bit to see how it's tolerated. Also fun to take! Baywood makes one, there are other brands, sometimes even store brands. I also like Twinlab's Calcium Citrate chews, which provide 125 mg. Mag per chew (plus 250 mg. Calcium), plus vitamin D.

Just like with calcium, certain forms of Magnesium are better absorbed than others. The cheapest supplements are the oxide forms, not well absorbed, and since they are generally mined, prone to contamination w/other metals. The salts (mag citrate, malate, glycinate) are generally well-absorbed. Mag malate has a double benefit for fibro (with malic acid).

Good luck! Let us know what you decide to try, & how it works.